Rosenberg EC Motor Generation 3

Rosenberg New EC motor features - Generation 3

The new EC-Motor Generation 3 from Rosenberg is 30 % more powerful than generation 2.

The maximum electrical input power is 4.7 kW. By standard the motors input voltage range is 200-480 VAC (50/60 Hz). Beside from that, the motor offers a lot more upgrades, such as:

-an integrated inspection LED to visualize the motors condition. It is visible from the outside through the composite material of the cover of the motor.

-improved ModBus RTU functionality. The motor is not only measuring its current power consumption, but also is continuously recording its total energy consumption. A detailed histogram is showing the load profile of the fan as well as the temperature at which the fan operates over time. This makes it possible to predict potential defects as well as to evaluate the operating conditions of the selected EC-fan.

-Electronic Quick Change Technology (EQC). In case of an electronic defect, e.g. caused by false connection, it is possible to change the electronic head within minutes and without touching other parts of the fan.

-IT-network (Earthing system) support. IT-network is a configuration of the power grid often used in hospitals and data centres. It is mainly about increasing the fault tolerance of the system.

-280-680 VDC-Supply. The use of DC voltage becomes more and more common in data centres, due to failure safety and overall design considerations.

The integration of the new EC Motor starts with plug fans, axial fans and the ECFanGrid. Afterwards it will soon replace the generation 2 motor in standard fans such as roof, box and duct fans.

Rosenberg ECparam - Mobus With the free Rosenberg software ECParam, changes to settings of the EC-fan can be made using a USB-to-RS485 adapter. Current operating conditions can also be read-out (changing the operating mode, setting a specific minimum or maximum speed, and much more).

Rosenberg EC motor connected to BMS system The Rosenberg EC motor can be connected to (Mobus to Bacnet) many kinds of DDC controller such as Regin EXOcompact.

Rosenberg standard Fan grid system

Benefits of using a Rosenberg ECFanGrid

-Plug & Play System

-Built-In Redundancy

-high efficient EC Technology

-Compact & Flexible Design

-Predestined for Retrofit Applications

-Ease of Maintenance and Replacement Easy to Clean, because ground is accessible

-High Air Flows

-Uniform Air Flow to Downstream Components

-Less Low Frequency Noises (Shorter attenuators) Weight reduction Easy implementation of Air Flow-, Pressure controls

Only need to measure the internal size of the AHU unit, we can provide the full set material for the EC fan module supporting fan grid set

Switches and Controllers Rosenberg EC fan local controller

We can offer many kinds of EC fan local controller

1, MultiControl Controller - MTC

The MTC-MultiControl is a Multifunction controller with integrated display and was especially developed for the use with EC-Fans. The housing is made of plastic and can be fixed at the desired installation location using two screws. The integrated week-time control is controllable via Day/Night Set point and can independently switch on/off the Controller. With predefined programs, like pressure-, volume flow-, temperature-, humidity- and  speed control the MultiControl is versatile. The MTC is equipped with two control loop (two outputs 0-10V) and a Relays output. More information in our product information.

2, Potentiometer POT 1 Potentiometer 10 kOhm installed in the housing with switch. Scaling 0 - 100%, for a 100% variable manual set point selection of the EC fan. The Potentiometer is suitable for the on-wall and in-wall mounting. All necessary components are already included in the scope of delivery.

3,Potentiometer POT 2 Potentiometer 10 kOhm installed in the housing.scaling ascending, for a 100 % variable manual set point selection. Rocker switch for the release of the EC fan, as well as green and red LED for the optionally available status display (Operation / Error).

4,Potentiometer POT 3 The 10V-Output voltage is implemented through 3 switching steps. By an internal potentiometer the desired tension value can be adapted at stage 1 and 2. Stage 3 gives the maximum output voltage of 10V to the EC fan. The On/Off function is realized via 0-position. The 3-Stage Potentiometer is suitable for the on-wall and in-wall mounting. All necessary components are already included in the scope of delivery.

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